15 January 2008


Thinking it is rare for us to see Malikka..
We decided a 2nd round meetup with Malikka over at Syaima's house..

There were more people this time round..
An additional of Laiquin, Melanie & Yixian..=)
Siti & Natalynn flew our kites in the end..&%$#@!

Ordered kfc for dinner..
LOL-ing all the way..
Syaima was always the TARGET of amusement..

Syaima modelling with her arms up..
*Poor me have to smell her smelly hairy armpit..

Syaima trying to show off her superman underwear...

Listened to the story of Malikka's 9 months project..
Wow..she was amazing okay..
She went for her A level examination with a 7-mth old tummy ok..
A daughter will be a future scholar sia!!!hahahaa!=)

Malikka told us it was painful to give birth but it was a relieve to her too...
She felt she had accomplished her mission when she felt the head coming out..

For those who have no idea about pregnancy..
The doctor will inject hormones into our bodies to induce more contraction to push the baby out..
This mean more cramps more pain!!!
Malikka described the pain as 10 times more painful than our menstrual cramp/tummyache!!!!!!!
Gosh!dat's painful!!!

Not only that..
Our cervix will expand to welcome the delivery..
But it will not expand enough for the baby to come out..
Hence, the doctor will have to cut our flesh down there to widen it..
After the whole thing, they will sew it back..

My god..
Dun u think our mothers are so noble?
Going through all the pain to bring us to the earth..
So appreciate ur mama and ur future wife ok..=)

Kudos to Malikka lo..
She was strong..
Studying & taking care of herself during the pregnancy & going through all the pain..
In india, the husband is not allowed in the room to see through the delivery..
Which mean she was alone..bringing her daughter to earth..
She said the tv drama had over exaggerated the whole delivery process, just cooperate with the doctor & be professional..
And everything will be fine..

From Malikka's stories & expressions, it seems proud to be a mother, to bring her child to the earth...
I cannot imagine myself in that stage..
But it sound so amazing!!!
I want to give birth too!!!!
Well, I would want my husband to be with me in the delivery room lo..
Telling me lame jokes & encourage me throughout..

A piece of advice from Malikka...

Eat well during pregnancy to ensure a healthy baby..
Never diet or stingy over the food you eat if not, the baby's health will suffer in the future..

Wow...So nice~~~
When can I have a baby?
Sound so wonderful to have a baby with the man I love..
Feel proud to be a girl..

I cant wait to get married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^
Anyone wanna marry me???????
*building castle in the air*

Kura Princess ^_^

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