02 February 2008

# CHIANGMAI TRIP ( 25th Jan to 27th Jan) --- DAY 1

Happy Happy Happy!
I just back from Chiangmai not long ago..

The trip was short but still fun..
Thnx to my company for organising this oversea trip..
A very good bonding session..
All of us had fun~~~~!!!

However, I thought alot of time wasting on massage & visiting cottage industries..
I am not those kind who enjoy massage & looking at celadon, silk, jewellery..
Too commercial to me..
Personally, I prefer shopping, searching for good food, cultural visit, scenery sightseeing & fun rides..
Heng..I still get to have a fun ride..
If not, I really sian 1/2 lo..

But was still sad that I could not go see my long necked tribe..


At 3.30am..
Lazy me got to wake up and travel to the budget terminal..
Got to check in at 5am..

Had some food & drink b4 boarding..
Yea..budget airplane does not have any food served lo..
Anyway, my intention is to sleep in the plane..

While going thru the custom, the custom officer asked me funny question early in the morning...

Officer: You going for holiday?

Me: ya..(man..not go holiday then wat la..?auntie..u din sleep enough issit?)

Me: Of coz got holiday la..then you think I air stewardess ar?
(LOL!my god..i actually said that to the police officer!)

Office: (Chuckled)no la..i thought u r one of the staff in the airport..

Me: Ok...-_-

I was 100% wearing casually with my ugly spec and mesy hair lo...
And was carrying my baby pillow then..
How on earth I look like i going to work?

Auntie..u siao ar?-_-

In the plane...

Me & Gladys..

I was fully prepared for a 3hours sleep in the plane..
but who noes...
We were surrounded by weird people..
Always eating monks & chatterbox aunties..

My god!
The chatterbox aunties damn power lo..
Kept talking non stop as if they are competing in talking marathon lo..
They din stopped even when I told them to lower down their volume..
How pissed lo~~~

Even when the plane touched down..
Even at the custom counter in Chiangmai..
they were still talking...

Toh Gong Sia!

I was in charge in finding good food to eat..
but being lazy..i din..
Coz to me...good food is to be explored during the trip not b4 the trip!!!!
All my colleagues were like "why u din find yet..how?"

At the custom counter...

Me: Excuse me, may I know if there is any good food near the airport?

Handsome: Here don't have. Near your hotel got.

Handsome: Thai food has no season..u can eat anytime.

Me: .....ooooh...ok..(wtf?)

How come i met so many weird people???

The van which suppose to pick us up had met an accident so we got to wait some time for another van to pick us..
As I was curious about the weather condition in Chiangmai..
I went out of the airport to experience the cooling weather..
Indeed, Chiangmai is cooling!!!!so exciting!!!

Just when I got enough of the cool-ness..i want to go back..
I saw this Chiangmai army man with a gun infront of the entrance & point to the other door..
I followed his instruction and saw a long queue w lot of baggage waiting to go into the airport.
Cultural shock.

I panicked in a calm way.
"No..i am not going back in by queuing man.."I thought.
Then, I saw a few colleagues coming out like me to breeze in air..
ARGH!!!!!all din come out with luggages!!!!
I quickly called my colleague and warned them! LOL!

Not long after the panic..the van came & drove us to the villa..

Greeted by the friendly receptionist and hotel personnels..
And we served with lemongrass drink..So soothing =)

Villa I am staying(Baa Deeva Montra)...

My bed.

My pool + massage shelter

My room mate Grace + Me (got 1 more - Carrie)+ourdoor bath tub

Both of us were "Wow-ing" when we saw our villa..
So TaiTai life~~~~!!!!

We went touring of villas of our other colleagues..
But I still think ours is the nicest!!!!yeah!!!!

When everyone got settled down..we went for lunch@ Khoo-Mao Khao-Fang Restaurant..
Lunch was bad.

But the scenery over there is good.
Even the toilet is good..

Safari Toilet...

After our unsatisfied yet very full meal..
We visited some cottage industries such as jewellery, laquerware, Celadon, Silk, Silverware..
Boring but educative..

"Oh....my love....my darling..."remind me of the old movie..
Hehehehe..Not suppose to take photo..but i took.Who cares.

At the celadon store..

I found my child....

The only long necked woman i saw..=(

After the Celadon stop...Went to some silk industry..
Best industry i guess among all the cottage industries we went..

Baby Silk Worm..

Silk worm that eat & eat & eat..


Turn into cocoons!!!!!!!!

Then once the silk worm is dead..
They cooked them in a pot of water and take out the silk thread by thread..
Like cooking noodle liddat..
One cocoon can produce thread of 500m long!wow!

Naked cocoon--dead silkworm

Olden time sewing machine..

Indeed enriching.
Went for a 2-hour massage after that @ Chang Daeng 2
Scary place. All aunties.hahaha.
The boys were scared.hahaha!
The aunties are rough...

After the massage, we headed for some night bazaar shopping..
We self divided ourselves into groups..
Me & Gladys just chiong our way through for food & some shopping!!!

Scene@ night bazaar

Dashed for some street food..
Asking the locals tis n dat about food..=P
Me not shy one...hahaha!
Some even let me "food tasting" b4 buying lo!hahhhaa!

Kan Pao Krai (minced chix wif spicy sauce+rice)
Rating: 8/10!!!!!!!!
Simple yet niCe lo!!!!!!!!

Baby Fried Fish.
Delicacy to go with beer man~~~

Crepe+banana chocolate..
Rating: 5.5/10..

Suki Yaki (Rice Vermicilli+seafood+red sauce)
Rating: 5/10

Continue our shopping after filling up our tummy.,
Nothing much to shop though...
All like selling same thing lo...=(
Sian Sian..not alot of time to shop too..=(

Sian Sian people

We went to packed some street food and alcohol and titbits before heading back to our villa..
My president was craving for wanton soup...
So he ordered and a few of us ate it while the rest waited in the van..lol

Wanton Soup..
Rating: 7/10!!!
Very tasty..even better than ours in Singapore!

Me & my president..

Afterwhich..went bk to villa & enjoy the remaining food & drinks.

Wish of 1st day then: Hope Tml will b more fun!

Kura Princess ^_^

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