01 February 2008

# MY DAYS....

Paiseh! So long din blog...^_^
It has been a joyful weeks for me..
1st celebrate my 22nd birthday..then go Chiangmai for a short holiday...

Finally awake enough to blog...

I am finally 22.
How sad.-_-"
Getting old.
When I get married sia...-_-"

Had a few eating session with my family, bf & friends..

1. My family @ Swensens (20th Jan 2008)

Went to bt panjang branch to have a little feast on the 20th.
It has been long since we eat together as everyone is busy..
But since is my big day & I got voucher..might as well right...hahaha

Mummy, Daddy & Me

Mummy so cute..she dun want to smile coz she think it makes her look fat -_-

Some of you were saying that you never see my brother b4 right..
Now you see lo...

We shared our main courses..
I thought Swensen's food standard went down le..
But to my surprise, it still good!yum~~!

Black Pepper Seafood Pasta (Mine)
Rating: 8/10!!!!!!!!!Yummy~~~

Pesto Salmon Sauté (Brother)
Rating: 8/10!!!
Luv the mash potato..=)

Fish-in-a-Jacket (Mummy)
Rating: 5.5/10...
Normal lo. abit oily.

BBQ Half Chicken (Daddy)
Rating: 6.5/10
Not bad. Love the crispcross fries!heheehehe..Tasty!

After our main course, had EARTHQUAKE as our dessert!!!!

Mummy keep forcing Daddy to eat ice cream by feeding him..

Scenario re-enacted.

Mummy scooped a spoon of ice cream and put near Daddy's mouth & say,"Eat."

Daddy complained,"Can you stop feeding me ice cream.."

Mummy chuckled and said,"Aiyooo..i sayang u mahz..."

-_-" eeek-yer...

Next stop.

2. Birthday Eve with Siew Teng & Grace (22nd Jan 2008)

So nice of the gurlz to meet up with me and gimme a little treat!
Too bad Cindy cant join us coz she sprained her ankle..Poor gurl..

The girls chose Aglio Olio Bistro near Chinatown Square.
It was a quiet place and the whole place is very dimmed..
Si bei romantic sia..

of coz the "romantic" ambience was scattered by our chattering and laughters...

Me, Siew Teng & Grace

Assorted Sausages with mushroom pizza.
Rating: 6.5/10

Bacon Cream Paste Pasta
Rating: 7/10; Creamy & delicious!

Chicken Aglio Olio
Rating: 5/10; Not so fantastic..the chix weird weird taste one...

The service there very funny.
They served our food one by one.
Like wait for us to finish le then serve the next dish..so weird..

After that, we went to this MAMA shop and drink and gossip more...go chinatown walk walk see see...

And cam whore..

The year of Mickey Mouse!!!!!!

Over the bridge linking some shopping centre to another in Chinatown...
We saw many senior citizens hanging out there and having fun like singing and dancing..

Then we saw this cute uncle..
He was very entertaining..
anyone who walked past, never failed to look at him...

So cute right???

How i wish..
In 40 years' time..I got such life..
All of them look so happy and living life to their fullest~~~!!!

In 30 years' time..
I hope to be travelling around the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Actual Day!!!!! (23rd Jan 2008)

Wah!!!so happy that day lo~~~~~
So many birthday wishes via msn, sms, facebook & friendster!!!!!!!!
So contented that so many of my friends rem my birthday.......=)
Feel so loved...
Thanx peeps!

My manager so nice too..
Gave me 80buck Forever 21 voucher!!!!
Yeah!!!!!It's shopping time~~~~!!!!!!

My colleague bought me lunch!

My mama cooked this.

Mee Sua + 2 Eggs + 6 Meatballs

It's not funny to have so much early in the morning lo..
And got 60buck from my parent!!!!!!!!!

With these 2 eggs...+ an egg for my lunch..i had a total of 3 eggs for a day!
My god! My cholesterol is rising!!!!!!!ARGH!!!!!

Had more sinful food for dinner.
Brought to Novena Square.
Guess coz got Waraku..smth i longing to eat..
but sob sob..they not selling MENTAI!!!!!!!
Feel so sad~~~

So i chose to eat at Fish & Co in the end..

Baked Salmon – Baked salmon with citrus herb crust served with creamy mushroom sauce.
Rating: 7/10; Quite nice but too salty

I went for the set - drink + soup..
The mushroom soup very salty lo...

New York Fish & Cheese
Rating: 4/10;Cheaterbug!

The menu say got cheese!
Both of us were finding the cheese..
No sign of it lo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Poor him..no cheese for cheese lover...

And got 2 slices of cake from chocz...Yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When the short needle on the clock hit 12..i went into depression mode..
How sad...not my bdae anymore..
Sob sob..have to wait 1 more year le...

I got 2 belated one..just happened tis week..will update soon!
Happy Happy Happy!

really appreciate all the wishes..
really appreciate all the time and effort by all my friends and bf and family...
So nice of them to celebrate for me!!!!!!!!!! =)

Happy 22nd!!!!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

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