01 March 2008

# CNY TRIP (8th FEB - 10th FEB)

When many families were celebrating cny by house visiting..
My family went to Malaysia for a short EATING trip..

The 1st day of cny was boring..
Brought my mama to watch CJ7..
Normally cny i would have gone back to Penang but this time round, we could not celebrate as we are still mourning for the death of my 2 grandmamas..

Thus, I was so glad to go for the trip..
At least it put my mind off from unhappiness & boredom..

Usually, I do not believe in chinese zodiac reading..
But i believe this time round..
For "OX" they were saying there will be lot of family bonding..
Indeed..the 2nd day of cny..we went for a family trip..
So true!!!

Oh well..
We woke up early to drive into malaysia..
Once we reached jb 1st highway pitstop..we stopped for breakfast at 9..
Then continued till we reached Melaka at around 11plus..

Stopped at Tan Kim Hock Product Center for Durian Chendol & shopping..
I dun feel like eating but my mama love durian so she insisted of eating it...

Famous durian chendol..

Eeek..i think the standard dropped alot lo..
Last time they used real DURIAN now then use durian syrup or smth bah..
Hate Commercialised Tourist Attraction..

We took a stroll after our dessert..
Then we came across this roadside hawker so my parent decided to eat..

No 49 Jalan Bendehara
75100 Melaka

They claimed to be the best Penang Hokkien Mee in old city of Melaka..
I ate and...
Rating: 5/10

Oh..come on!=/
Self-claimed dun work..

Koay Teow Teng
Rating: 6.5/10
Not too bad..my mama like those fried pork skin...eeeek

Roast Pork Rice
Rating: 8/10
This is good~
The roast pork is juicy and tasty..the saltiness is just right..
So good that we ordered an additional place of roast pork!!!!!!

Jalan Bendehara is actually an old street for indian occupants..
I think la.
Coz there are many indian shops along that stretch...

Attracted to the super accessorized indian costume..
Me & mama went for cultural shopping..

I grabbed a simple indian outfit to try...

Nice mah?

Done with the crazy cultural shopping..
We continued our car ride to KL..

Few hours have passed...
No food interruption along the way..
Except my mama keep chewing on stuff..
She eating non-stop..

It was already 3 when we reached KL...
FRom KL still have to go Kepong..
Kepong is where my cousin lived...

My niece, pei pei was away..
She back in Penang for cny..
So i am stuck with my parent..sianz..

We rest awhile before we went for a short shopping before heading for dinner..

Went Utama@Petaling Jaya..
Got a BRA..Opps!hahaha!
Go malaysia muz buy bra one..lol~~!
Cheaper mahz..haha!

Restoran Meichi Xuan, place we had dinner & lo hei.

No32A1 Jalan Pju 5 Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya
Selangor d.e

I believe the restaurant is quite well-known in the sense..
There are newspaper articles all over the glass door, featuring it..

Well..i got a taste of the food..
I thought it was not bad..
Quite yummy.. =)

Curry Prawn in coconut..
Rating: 8/10
Comment: cannot rem..i jz feel the prawns nt enuff for me..only had 3..=/

Some tofu+many mushroom!!!
Comment: The tofu is homemade one i guess...very soft..yummy!With the great combination of many many mushrooms..damn good la!!!!!!

Sweeet & Sour Pork
Comment: I can only remember it is "Yummy"..=)

Done with dinner..
We went back home to rest..
The next day will be a long day for us..
I believe..

Second day has come..

Went to 999 kopitiam for breakfast..
Remember I was saying that it will be a long day for us..

A long day for food..

My cousin + cousin-in-law are food vendor..
They came down to KL from Penang to start a new life..
Selling penang food..

One of the food they selling..
Penang Curry noodle..
Consist of pig blood, taupo, squid....

This is my cousin..

My cousin-in-law..

Watched them while i ate..
Very enriching..
From them..
I learnt about "supporting" your other half..
My cousin stood by my cousin-in-law both gd time n bad time..

Can I do that?
I dunno..
Feel so bad somehow..

Is like eventhough their life is tiring..
Got to wake up early to prepare the stock and blah..
Get busy with this n that at eating hours..
But they are happy..simple life..

Remind me of his dream..haiz..

Oh well..

Popiah + coleslaw..

My bro n my mama like it..
But i dun like it..
I still go for the traditional one..

Beside these 2, we also had carrot cake (haiz..), char koay teow,lam mee, dim sum...
Then we went to the next kopitiam to eaT big bao, char siew bao..

My god!
I nv had so much for breakfast b4 la~~~!
Normally i jz have a cup of milo..

Almost exploded lo...

We took the KTM to mid valley for some shopping..

The ticketing machine..
Spend some time to understand..

While waiting for the train to arrive..waited for 15mins..

Me & Mama in the train

Before we started shopping..

We eat again..
My brother bought ice cream biscuit waffle..
Then i bought a slice of ice cream cake..
Eat Eat Eat..

At the eating table...

I Zi Pai again..

My dad find it funny..
So he wanna try too..

Look like monkey!!!

My mama also tried..

So who look cutest?
Think my parent damn cute la~~~!
No wonder the daughter..*uh hum*

I am a shopaholic..
They shopped till tired so find smwhr to rest..
While i continue..

They ate again..
Some mango pudding + glutinous rice..
Tried abit..not bad..

After mid valley, we headed to Berjaya time sq for more shopping..
Change here n there to get there..
Adventurous train ride..
Me & my dad squeezed our eyes on the map to get our direction right..

Reached Berjaya time sq..
Eat again..-_-"
Then shopped..
My parent went eaT again..

My god~~~!
They ate non stop!!!!!!!
Bottomless pigs!

Shopped & eat so much till damn tired..

So tired when we reached Kepong again..

Then after awhile..
We went for dinner..
Sian..food again..

Steamboat this time round..

Me, bro, cousin + cousin-in-law

Me, daddy, mummy,cousin n cousin-in-law..

Got bbq chix n satay too..

After that, we headed for some beer..
Had more food..
Damn siao la..noodle, oyster egg, satay n bbq chix again..

How come they can just keep on eating???

I take foto of food till sian lo..-_-"

So fast 10th of feb..

Have to head home..
Had a big breakfast again..

Then we headed to Seremban to visit my auntie and family..
Eat again..
My dad was telling my uncle's story to us..
Once again, i see how my aunt bear all the pain n stress n tc of the family n support her hubby..

I finally understand wat it mean when "he" said dat to me..
I see the whole picture le..

Drove Straight home after that..
Reached Spore ard 6plus in the evening..=)

Great family trip! =)
Feel i am closer to my family.

Kura Princess ^_^

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