04 March 2008


People say whateva u dreamt & u rem is actually a reflection of your worries in reality.
As there is tis chinese saying "Ri you suo shi, Ye you suo meng" correct?hahaa.
Worried about $, school and .............

Dream 1.

Saw $$$ in one of my bag's secret compartment.
Was so thrilled.
In the heart was thinking finally i got more than $50 for entertainment this month!!!


I opened my black bag..
And saw the paper wallet that Rudith gave it to me as bdae gift.
And guess what?

I found $4!!!!!!!

Yes. I am broke la.
I really really really left 50buck for this month's entertainment expenses la!

Yes. I super overspent!
Bought 1 bag, 1 watch and 3 tops.
So Extravagant! Around 200 for all!

Dream 2.

Venue: Classroom

I was sitting for a biz paper exam.
Infront of me, there is this guy sitted infront of me sitting for IT paper.
His backview looked familar.

He and this group of guys were busying copying.
He turned and I saw his face.

Looked at the bunch of them busy copying.
Suddenly, the tester just snatched my paper and tear off my 1st page!
And she juz chucked it smwhr!

Double stunned.

She did the same to HIM and the rest.
She nagged us for copying.

I got panicked and complained,"teacher!I nv copy!I do biz one, not IT...how to copy them!"

The tester thought awhile and say,"Oh ya hoh.."
Then she panicked and find my paper..

I stepped back and sat down.
And turned my head to the left.
HE looking at me w a funny look.
I was sharing seat with HIM, shoulder to shoulder!!!

=) What a nice dream!


No contact till now still.
31 days has passed.
87days more to june.

Wondering how HE doing.
How I wish i can....

Guess I can only be near him in my dream and miss him in reality.

Kura Princess ^_^

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