08 March 2008


This is taken is 1998.
(Spot me!)

Facebook = Reunion?

Facebook has brought many ppl together...
Well..it has brought my pri sch class together too..
Right now..we have 26 members which mean more than half of the class is in it..
Seem like Facebook has been quite beneficial so far..

On 29th Feb..(yeah..leap yr)
Peiling organised a class reunion..
Kudos to her..
It's not easy to organise..

Was pretty excited..
Is like i finally got to eat WARAKU?

Had curry beef udon...mini size - $10.00 (BAD PIX)
Rating: 7/10
Comment: Yummy~~~!it got 7 coz of the beef..for the curry..i think it is alittle bit cold..i like it more heated up..i dun usually eat jap curry..maybe it tasted this way? I like the udon..it does not look like the normal udon we can buy from supermarket..is air flown from Japan n its texture is much more springy and softer than those we buy frm supermarket n is thinner..=)

Mini vs Large

Made my bowl look like Goldlilock's baby bear's porridge bowl..
And Yong How's one look like papa bear's one..-_-

During the gathering..
I din really talk la..
Feel abit not comfy coz it's like...
decade that we all last met...

ok la..Listen stories here n there..
Rachel entertained me w her autograph book..

My god!!!
This is like written when i was 12 lah..
Some of my poems are so lame la!!!!!!!LOL~~~!
But..really miss those BLANCO time sia..=)

Anyway..I thought it was a pretty successful gathering..
Good to see everyone and get updates in their life..
Yup..most of them are uni students..

In looks wise..most of them look pretty much the same..
Except me! =P
I got the most drastic change..LALALALALA~~~!

Ok..for the guys..
They changed too la..
Especially the voice..my god!
All sound so MAN liao...LOL~~!

(First-left: Peiling, Simin, April, Rachel, Beehar, Me; Second-left: Sharon L.,Yixiang, Yong How, Kaiting, Arden, Calvin, Eddie & Sam L.*missing*Weisheng)

Hope to see u guys soon...^_^

Kura Princess ^_^

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