29 March 2008


Mr K jio me to go to Aska Yang's mini music showcase..
Mr K so heng to get the free ticketz by playing some contest..
But it was pretty nice of him to ask me along..


Not a big fan of Aska Yang..
But being a born PAPARAZZI & an appreciator for good music..
Went there to look look see see...^_^

Am so glad to come la!


So smart of me to "ATTACK" the..the..the..erm..whatever that thing i called that house the speaker to create thumping in club..
Being usually BO CHUP, I just hopped up and got myself a good spot for video caming~~~

As usual..
PaParazzi Teh got videos to show...



Mr K..why u so chatty when I taking videos..jk!
Both videos got the presence of ur sexy voice la & of coz, my kawaii voice!

背叛(清唱版) - This one not I take one.

Aska Yang is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

He got a very impactful voice..
He sang with his hears..
It seems like every words is filled with emo of how 心碎ACHE his heart is..
Totally send shiver to my spine & made my hair at the edge..
It's just make me go "WAAH~杨宗伟好棒啊!“!

Absolutely make me feel damn emo la..
He sang my feelings out..
Once again, remind me of "him" and made my hardened heart feel weak againz..

I believe anyone who is present at the showcase..
Will have the quizzzy feeling in the heart...

Ya Man..
Me & Mr. K felt so emo after that!!!!

杨宗伟..let's comfort each other's emo-ness..*luv luv*

But there's one thing about Aska I dun like..
Neither me nor Mr. K could figure out what he talking la..
He just go "...... ...... ..... ....." then the fans screamed..-_-

Oh well..
Do hope sentimental Aska Yang will go far in his singing career..
Very talented singer..should support..
But do bring tissue paper to wipe ur tears..lol~


P.S: Sushi Tei got Quality food but my taste bud still yearn for Sakae Sushi's Hana Maki, Kiakage & Cold Somen..

Kura Princess ^_^

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