26 April 2008


^_^ 五月天!五月天!五月天!五月天!五月天!五月天! ^_^
Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore~
L.O.V.E L.O.V.E L.O.V.E L.O.V.E L.O.V.E L.O.V.E~

五月天! 回到地球表面!!!!!!!!!

Was already so excited about the concert like days before the concert..
Yeah-ing for no reason & singing their songs..
Few days b4 the concert I oledi liddat..
Can imagine my 兴奋-ness on the actual day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Imagine I stood for like 3hours at the concert, argh-ing with the gurls beside me over 怪兽,building my right arm muscle by swaying the blue lightstick~
Now I can go for arm wrestling le..
Sure win liao..lol!

Anyway, the concert damn GOOD!!!!!!!!
Mayday definitely rox the whole indoor stadium!!!
Majority was already on their feet..jump here jump there on the 3rd song~~~!!!!
It seems like our energy level is always at the peak no matter how much we screamed and jumped!
I think Mayday purposely made us shout "L.O.V.E" like million time to make us tired la!!!!
But think our energy level touched them..they seemed to be teary with reddish nose..

The whole concert lasted for like around 3 hours..
It started off abit like NDP with uniformed human beings dropping down to the audience area w the rope..

Mayday really thoughtful lo. =)
Made a stage to get to the other end of the stadium so that people at the back can get to see them at closer view...
Singing many songs and keep running around the audience using the 360degree stage surrounding the audiences to get close with the audience..

And I so in love with their 耍帅moment..
Rock people are ego ppl & like to show fanciful stunt with their "baobei"-musical instrument..
But still damn shuai~~~~~~

So happy to be their fan!
They are indeed my No.1 天团!
It is the only concert that I will get my voicebox damaged and get my energy drained..
So tired after the concert with my tummy rumbling, begging for food..lol



Mr. K din managed to take the rest.
Was sitting at the side of the stage..
The view wasnt the best but is one of the closest view & best pix you can get if they walked to the side..
I can see them clearly at the side ..
Enough liao..
Anyway, i see them 1-to-1 & talk & serve & take foto w them when i was working in Al dente..=p

Daniel, Me & Mr. K..
Gosh!I got a really really BAD hairday! Need a cut!

Daniel was busy treating air like "drum" and hit..
Yup he drummer for his band..
And Mr.K was busy spotting his Felicia Chin & Thomas Ong from the crowd..
How disgusting la..
People go watch concert..he go see other TV artiste..-_-

Evidence of me & Mr.K at the concert

Me & Daniel..
I realised he dun smile & sit there like stone for all pix..-_-"

After the concert we went to cine for supper!
The bus 16 we took was filled up with ugly rowdy singaporeans..
Kept pushing & pushing to get into the bus..
So pushy till Auntie me cannot tahan~~~
Nearly fall down..roar!

After our hearty supper, went to play pool & i lost miserably again..
But I got a great lol session with them + Shawn..
i bet they had fun laughing at me also lah!
I sux in pool lahz! roar~~!!!!

But I drop dead when i reached home..
All the jumping,singing,lol-ing, playing & eating really drained me dry..

Kura Princess ^_^

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