11 April 2008

# PY & GRACE 22ND BDAE (5 APRIL 2008)

Celebrated PY & Grace's bdae.
Met them & the rest of the gurls for dinner at Shokudo..

We waited for like an hour to get a seat..
YES!An Hour..I am not kidding..
But bo bian..our group quite big..

Heard alot of good reviews about Shokudo a.k.a Japanese Marche..
Gave it a try and find the food ALRIGHT nia..

These are the food which I find it not bad..

Egg roll + Bacon Cheese

Grilled Scallop, Prawn Bacon & Beef

Japanese Curry + Katsu

Tempura Sushi + Sashimi --> Fear Factor!

Japanese Ice Kachang + Green Tea Ice cream

Of course there are more but dun feel like putting up those pix..

I bet we were the noisiest group at Shokudo!!!
We laughed & talked & cam-whored like nobody biz..
The bfs who joined us were quite pitiful..
Always have to help us in the cam-whore session..

TB52 rox!

L.O.V.E (Me, Neeky, Cheryl & PY)

Me & Cheryl are aliens!CUTE!

Me, Grace & Rainus

Group Pix (All the gurlz + Kenny & Bryan)

After a SI BEI BA meal, without any much discussion, just purely due to cheap drinks..
We chiong to Double O..
With a cute small cake to celebrate PY & Grace's bdae..

Think about it..
It has been years since we last club hoh..
Great to be able to go back to our good old times!!!!!!

Thnx to the cheap drinks..
We drank quite abit..
Before long, I was laughing my head off like a crazy hyena..

CHEERS! Still cool~~

Too much drinks..

i think PY they all drank alot..
When I came back from the dancefloor..
She started kissing all the gurls..-_-
I wasn't spare..
What to do..
I was her scandal since in poly~~

But it was fun! ^_^
Drinking too much, Fist Guessing, Dancing, Talking rubbish, Kissing & Cam-whoring..
Not bad to laugh ur head off once awhile & do stupid things..-_-"

i can tell Darren is drunk!

Well, I jio-ed Mr. K to come along..=) (stood beside me in the group pix)
Being a mambo lover, he came over without much hesitation..
Yup..sat is mambo nite for double o..
Hope he had fun w my gurls~~~!

Let's go club again soon ok? ^_^
KTV after my exams k!!!!!!


Kura Princess ^_^

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