23 April 2008


So meaningful~~~!!!!!
Words could not be used to explain the joy in my heart..
Felt really wonderful =)

On 20th April, a lazy sunday..
I, together with Mr. K went to help out in this SAFRA trekking event at Labrador Park..
The trek was for the people from MINDS & Jamiyah home..

Was feeling quite lost from the start as I had no idea what ought to be done..
I try my best to interact with other volunteers in 1 way or another..
Luckily i got Mr. K with me..if not i sure damn sianz..

We joined the walk trail with the group under Esmund & people from MINDS..
Mr. K was assigned to be in charge of photographyz..
So i was left alone wandering to pair up with someone..
I approached 1 of the guy from MINDS and he was very enthu..
He grabbed my arm excitedly..
Gave me a shock of my life la!ahahaha!

Really passionate..
But they are really good people..

The walk was hot but educative..
We did bark rubbing on the tree with our partner..
To us it might be nothing special and some boring thingie..
But to them..it can be something really fun..

Well, i learnt alot about plants too..^_^
Wat dragon tongue tree, c-almond tree..blah blah..
Very fun~~~

Group pix.

George, Me & Roger

Roger was pair up with me for the trek..
I find him very nice..
He is like the big brother of the group and take care of his other friends..
Not only that, he even helped me to take a pkt of food, drink and tissue for me..
And leave a space for me to sit..

He is friendly despite keep making use of me..
Ask me take tis n that for him~~~ =)

Me, Mr.K & Esmund

Me & Rainus, the organiser for this event!

Though the weather on that day is a killer but I still enjoyed it..
Find it damn meaningful & found happiness within my heart..

Interacting with people from MINDs..made me realise alot of thing..
They might be born with some disabilities but the heart is pure..
You can actually see REN QING WEI from them..
They do thing from the heart..
No bad intention that you will encounter in the real society..

Not only that, some of them got job..
I am really happy to see that!

I know there are people out there look down on them..
But i felt they are very useful and they made up of a perfect person..
Really felt that they deserve respect and a chance to prove they can do thing like anyone of us~~ =)

P.S: I hope to do this more often. =)

Kura Princess ^_^

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