24 May 2008


Back Back Back from New York!
Dun hv jet lag this time round...
Took like 600 odd pix..
But mostly for my ICFF thingie...

I gonna split up the pix into tourist attraction part 1 & 2, food & ICFF.

1. Empire State Building

New York New York!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look behind me! The pointy thngie..
Is the Empire State Building!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me & Carrie on 86th level of Empire State building.

Beautiful concrete views i can say.
Superduper strong wind that freeze my hand.
Even pigeon was struggling to fly lo! I saw the pigeon figeting its wings to balance itself when the wind blew..

SEE! All block n block n block of building~~~

Sort of waste USD19 to go up to see buildings lo -_-"
But it's a good experience..
Getting freeze. tink below 10 degree up there lo.

2. Central Park

Probably the only greeny area u will see.
Me & Carrie went for a short walk on Sunday morning.
Since it is the only park in New York..it was filled up with joggers & dog lovers...
Bascially, u can see all diff breeds in there lo~~~

Very refreshing place.

Feel so tv-show at time.

I like this breed of dog!

She just so adorable~
She was so tiny n went running ard..^_^

Finally saw my lake. hahaha!
But it was fenced up. how's sad.

It really make me feel light-hearted after spending awhile in the cooling central park...
It's very diff from new york city whereby everyone walked quickly~~
Felt so relaxed. =)

It will be great if i can pinic over there.

Well...too bad i cant. -_-

3. Museum of Sex

Kinky!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^
Yea..u guys probably thinking..
"Expected. Horny Regina sure go 1.."lol~~~!

It's educational ok! =/
I was like the only chinese in the museum lo~~
The angmos were amused by my selection of pix taking...

ME Cam-whoring myself. Alone.Sobs.

in the world of dildos. lol~~!

Read this!

Antique Vibrator.
So huge.Older time women gt bigger CB?

Condom in the past.
Why got pointy thngie?
Got hole..semen wun pass thru meh?

How issit use?

After knowing more about sex toys in the 1st exhibition..
i headed for the 2nd one..
It was about pornography like the history & blahz...
Got porn also lo..from 60s till nw that kind.
I stood there n watched with many others around me.
So weird.
Watching porn with a group of strangers. -_-"

i headed for the 3rd exhibition after sm time.
It's more erotic one.lol~~

nth to say.

Got more erotic one.
But skip it.

Chinese bj-ing at those ancient time?
Who can believe it?
I dun lo!
My god~~~!
I was so stunned when i see it...

The museum of sex certainly had enriched me with knowledge, allowing me have a better understanding about sexual culture.
Sex is nothing to ashame of..
Sex is a different kind of arts too.

P.S: Stay tune for Part 2.

Kura Princess ^_^

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