02 May 2008


SwissĂ´tel Merchant Court
20 Merchant Road
Singapore 058281

Food range: Peranankan, local & abit of international
Price: $45 for dinner buffet.
Rating: 5/10
Good Ambience though.

Suppose to be a gift for my mama's birthday.
But who knows..
She broke my little heart by rejecting my treat~~

Why dun gimme chance to be a good daughter that sayang mummy..
Know she luv durian and Ellenborough famous for its durian puree so make reservation..
And she rejected & scolded me!!!


So I went to eat with Mr K then.
Already reserved. Might as well go lo.

Shall eat all the durian puree~~~!


My 1st plate. Starter is good.

Let's skip the 2nd plate.
Dun like the raw fish. Almost puked out everything!
Thanx to Mr K who ask me to try~~~! ROAR!!!

3rd is shark fin's soup.
Mr K was cranky about it. He is a shark lover.
But doesnt concern me. I still eat.


My 4th plate.

My 5th plate.


My 6th plate - Dessert. boring. chz cake not cold enuff. roar.

7th plate - chocolate fondue. bad fruit combination. honeydew, dragon fruit & pineapple with chocolate?
Sound wrong. -_-

Greedy Mr K want more Gulang Melaka. But i grabbed one from him!ROAR!
I got a challenge. To stuff the whole thing in my mouth.

And well done. Kura princess did it again without much effort.

Me posing with my durian puree(8th plate).

Damn it.
The durian puree is f**king good. ORGASM!!!!!!!!!
I thought I can have another but I was so bloody wrong~~
I was so bloated that i cant even burp out loud. felt so xinku.

My super "SEG" face..

I was so bloated yet bored.
So i started to play with Mr. K's left over durian puree.
He was defeated by food too.lol.

Regina's creation: Durian puree with chocolate sauce, salt, pepper, water and cheesecake.

Mr K tried it.
"salty durian!"he exclaimed. lol~~~!
(woooo~~Mr. K got thick and long tongue sia. Any one wanna?hehehee!)

The defeated trying hard to take foto.

45buck to damage my stomach.
If the food is good, i dun mind.

Mummy cook better. =)
Heng Mummy din come in the end. If she were here, she will drink bowls of sharkfin & bowls of durian puree and find not worth it for that kind of food standard.

Never try Never know.

Kura Princess ^_^

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