30 April 2008


I got internal selective system..
Selective listening, Selective reading & Selective memory..

I could not remember how he look like le..
*think hard*
It seems like smth is blocking my mind..


I can use that space to keep other precious memories..
Make good use of my limited memory space..


Kura Princess ^_^

28 April 2008


I feel my life is as drama as taiwanese drama series..


Kura Princess ^_^

26 April 2008


^_^ 五月天!五月天!五月天!五月天!五月天!五月天! ^_^
Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore~
L.O.V.E L.O.V.E L.O.V.E L.O.V.E L.O.V.E L.O.V.E~

五月天! 回到地球表面!!!!!!!!!

Was already so excited about the concert like days before the concert..
Yeah-ing for no reason & singing their songs..
Few days b4 the concert I oledi liddat..
Can imagine my 兴奋-ness on the actual day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Imagine I stood for like 3hours at the concert, argh-ing with the gurls beside me over 怪兽,building my right arm muscle by swaying the blue lightstick~
Now I can go for arm wrestling le..
Sure win liao..lol!

Anyway, the concert damn GOOD!!!!!!!!
Mayday definitely rox the whole indoor stadium!!!
Majority was already on their feet..jump here jump there on the 3rd song~~~!!!!
It seems like our energy level is always at the peak no matter how much we screamed and jumped!
I think Mayday purposely made us shout "L.O.V.E" like million time to make us tired la!!!!
But think our energy level touched them..they seemed to be teary with reddish nose..

The whole concert lasted for like around 3 hours..
It started off abit like NDP with uniformed human beings dropping down to the audience area w the rope..

Mayday really thoughtful lo. =)
Made a stage to get to the other end of the stadium so that people at the back can get to see them at closer view...
Singing many songs and keep running around the audience using the 360degree stage surrounding the audiences to get close with the audience..

And I so in love with their 耍帅moment..
Rock people are ego ppl & like to show fanciful stunt with their "baobei"-musical instrument..
But still damn shuai~~~~~~

So happy to be their fan!
They are indeed my No.1 天团!
It is the only concert that I will get my voicebox damaged and get my energy drained..
So tired after the concert with my tummy rumbling, begging for food..lol



Mr. K din managed to take the rest.
Was sitting at the side of the stage..
The view wasnt the best but is one of the closest view & best pix you can get if they walked to the side..
I can see them clearly at the side ..
Enough liao..
Anyway, i see them 1-to-1 & talk & serve & take foto w them when i was working in Al dente..=p

Daniel, Me & Mr. K..
Gosh!I got a really really BAD hairday! Need a cut!

Daniel was busy treating air like "drum" and hit..
Yup he drummer for his band..
And Mr.K was busy spotting his Felicia Chin & Thomas Ong from the crowd..
How disgusting la..
People go watch concert..he go see other TV artiste..-_-

Evidence of me & Mr.K at the concert

Me & Daniel..
I realised he dun smile & sit there like stone for all pix..-_-"

After the concert we went to cine for supper!
The bus 16 we took was filled up with ugly rowdy singaporeans..
Kept pushing & pushing to get into the bus..
So pushy till Auntie me cannot tahan~~~
Nearly fall down..roar!

After our hearty supper, went to play pool & i lost miserably again..
But I got a great lol session with them + Shawn..
i bet they had fun laughing at me also lah!
I sux in pool lahz! roar~~!!!!

But I drop dead when i reached home..
All the jumping,singing,lol-ing, playing & eating really drained me dry..

Kura Princess ^_^

25 April 2008


Wasnt as awkward as I thoughtz..
Things were great between us..=)
Got a little gift which i find it cute & thought it's very sweet of him..

A cute elmo. Something that i like.
Happy to know that he rem my fav thing.

Most importantly..
Is amazing to be able to hang out with someone that used to be closely related to..
Never have I thought I will have such chance to dine and hold a proper conversation with him in person..
And I am glad to have such a chance..^_^

Now both of us have our own life, own obstacles, own relationship to deal with..

But I am really glad to be able to be his frenz & hold a no-barrier conversation..
I believe not many ex-couple can do thatz..
And I am thankful that me and him did itz..

Awfully special date.. =)

Kura Princess ^_^

23 April 2008


So meaningful~~~!!!!!
Words could not be used to explain the joy in my heart..
Felt really wonderful =)

On 20th April, a lazy sunday..
I, together with Mr. K went to help out in this SAFRA trekking event at Labrador Park..
The trek was for the people from MINDS & Jamiyah home..

Was feeling quite lost from the start as I had no idea what ought to be done..
I try my best to interact with other volunteers in 1 way or another..
Luckily i got Mr. K with me..if not i sure damn sianz..

We joined the walk trail with the group under Esmund & people from MINDS..
Mr. K was assigned to be in charge of photographyz..
So i was left alone wandering to pair up with someone..
I approached 1 of the guy from MINDS and he was very enthu..
He grabbed my arm excitedly..
Gave me a shock of my life la!ahahaha!

Really passionate..
But they are really good people..

The walk was hot but educative..
We did bark rubbing on the tree with our partner..
To us it might be nothing special and some boring thingie..
But to them..it can be something really fun..

Well, i learnt alot about plants too..^_^
Wat dragon tongue tree, c-almond tree..blah blah..
Very fun~~~

Group pix.

George, Me & Roger

Roger was pair up with me for the trek..
I find him very nice..
He is like the big brother of the group and take care of his other friends..
Not only that, he even helped me to take a pkt of food, drink and tissue for me..
And leave a space for me to sit..

He is friendly despite keep making use of me..
Ask me take tis n that for him~~~ =)

Me, Mr.K & Esmund

Me & Rainus, the organiser for this event!

Though the weather on that day is a killer but I still enjoyed it..
Find it damn meaningful & found happiness within my heart..

Interacting with people from MINDs..made me realise alot of thing..
They might be born with some disabilities but the heart is pure..
You can actually see REN QING WEI from them..
They do thing from the heart..
No bad intention that you will encounter in the real society..

Not only that, some of them got job..
I am really happy to see that!

I know there are people out there look down on them..
But i felt they are very useful and they made up of a perfect person..
Really felt that they deserve respect and a chance to prove they can do thing like anyone of us~~ =)

P.S: I hope to do this more often. =)

Kura Princess ^_^

16 April 2008


Me: Why u keep leaving me?

Hair: Not our fault! We got suffocated in that oily scalp. We need to BREATHE!

Me: But..=(

I visited Yun Nam Hair Care for a free trial treatment.
Was really scared as I am afraid to know my hair's conditionz..

Did a scanning & was super traumatized..
Hid my sadness & fear behind my lame-ness & laughter..
But actual fact, I am super upsetz..
Super low morale..

Consultant Vivian: Your hair will get lesser & lesser. Your hair pores are clogged up with oil. All your hairs are wide apart. Very bad hair state.

Me: ...(LOL~)


That consultant Vivian tried to persuade me to get the package for 1st time customer..
It costs $360 for 5 sessions..
(Usual $800. total package = $3k)

I really have the big URGE to just get the package...

Me to Hair: Sorry Hair..please stay with me as long as possible can? Wait me got $ then clean up those oil in those pores.
At the mean time, please wear breathing mask hao ma? Pleassssssssse......

I hope they heard me.

Get well soon my poor hair.

Stop those perming & dye-ing...

I will save u guys alright!

My Hair yao jia you!!!!!!!!!

Please give me back my confidence!!!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

14 April 2008

# AUNTY???

Jiabi just said something horrible to me!!!!!!!!! =(



Tentatively, I am an AUNTY of many many nieces & nephews in my family tree..
But I want to be a youthful & cute AUNTY..

DA PI GU...? =(

WO BU YAO~~~~~!!!!!!! =(

Then hoh..
Mr K said I behave like AUNTY!!!Especially when I squeezed myself to the front of the entrance to get into the MRT train =(


What's wrong lo!
I got big backside and it is HeAVy~~
So I need a seat to rest my big fat backside can....humph!

Dat's aunty meh?

People said use those red or yellow plastic bag is AUNTY..
Will meh?
I used them all the time for my wet umbrella..

Hey~At least my umbrella looked better now..
Used to b RAINBOW in colour..now is dark green checkerbox pattern~~~

Dun you think there is a little slight improvement?

I cut my hair and colour blonde red..
Still Aunty? =(

Maybe cause I too fat bahz..=(

SEEM like I need to lose more weight to get my sharp feature..
SEEM like I need to buy more taiwanese clothes..
SEEM like I need to apply more beauty product on my ageing face..

SEEM LIKE GONNA SPEND ALOT OF $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!


I WANT TO BE FOREVER 21~~~~~~~!!!!

Speaking of FOREVER 21..i need to use up my voucher!!!!
Opps..Is that AUNTY?

But it's my birthday voucher..Dun use wasted leh..*humphz*


Kura Princess ^_^

13 April 2008


My life has always been good good in most ways except financially and relationship aspect..
It seems like both financial and relationship are inversely relatedz...

So tired of all tis..=(
When my relationship aspect get better, my financial aspect worsened..
Seem like my happiness wun last long liddat..
Always gt new problem "pop" out & make me sian 1/2..

Guess i had miscalculated my finance..
Paid a lump sum for school using all my saving..
Paid all my bills le..

And now i left 2-figure amount to survive for the rest of the month..
I can go on with life without any outing..
But I dun think i can pull it thru with that amount for my transport n food..


I hate borrowing $..
But it seems like i got to do it this time..
If not, i might get hospitalized due to lack of food consumption..
Which will be more expensive in the end..

Seem like i need to carry my financial notebook everywhr i go againz..

Hope i strike 4D or ToTo..
but i know it wun happen..
Coz palm reader say i have no fate in winning any 4D or ToTo in my life..
Now dat's sux..-_-


Kura Princess ^_^

11 April 2008

# PY & GRACE 22ND BDAE (5 APRIL 2008)

Celebrated PY & Grace's bdae.
Met them & the rest of the gurls for dinner at Shokudo..

We waited for like an hour to get a seat..
YES!An Hour..I am not kidding..
But bo bian..our group quite big..

Heard alot of good reviews about Shokudo a.k.a Japanese Marche..
Gave it a try and find the food ALRIGHT nia..

These are the food which I find it not bad..

Egg roll + Bacon Cheese

Grilled Scallop, Prawn Bacon & Beef

Japanese Curry + Katsu

Tempura Sushi + Sashimi --> Fear Factor!

Japanese Ice Kachang + Green Tea Ice cream

Of course there are more but dun feel like putting up those pix..

I bet we were the noisiest group at Shokudo!!!
We laughed & talked & cam-whored like nobody biz..
The bfs who joined us were quite pitiful..
Always have to help us in the cam-whore session..

TB52 rox!

L.O.V.E (Me, Neeky, Cheryl & PY)

Me & Cheryl are aliens!CUTE!

Me, Grace & Rainus

Group Pix (All the gurlz + Kenny & Bryan)

After a SI BEI BA meal, without any much discussion, just purely due to cheap drinks..
We chiong to Double O..
With a cute small cake to celebrate PY & Grace's bdae..

Think about it..
It has been years since we last club hoh..
Great to be able to go back to our good old times!!!!!!

Thnx to the cheap drinks..
We drank quite abit..
Before long, I was laughing my head off like a crazy hyena..

CHEERS! Still cool~~

Too much drinks..

i think PY they all drank alot..
When I came back from the dancefloor..
She started kissing all the gurls..-_-
I wasn't spare..
What to do..
I was her scandal since in poly~~

But it was fun! ^_^
Drinking too much, Fist Guessing, Dancing, Talking rubbish, Kissing & Cam-whoring..
Not bad to laugh ur head off once awhile & do stupid things..-_-"

i can tell Darren is drunk!

Well, I jio-ed Mr. K to come along..=) (stood beside me in the group pix)
Being a mambo lover, he came over without much hesitation..
Yup..sat is mambo nite for double o..
Hope he had fun w my gurls~~~!

Let's go club again soon ok? ^_^
KTV after my exams k!!!!!!


Kura Princess ^_^

04 April 2008


Carnivore, CHIJMES
30 Victoria Street, #01-29A,
Singapore 187996
Tel: 6334 9332

Rating: 8/10
Price: $42++

Learnt a new language.

How to say "Yes pls" in Brazilian..

How to say "No Thanks" in Brazilian..

This is the card u need to take note when u come to CARNIVORE..
CARNIVORE..by the name u know is "MEAT-Eating"..
And yes..is a buffet..

But this isn't the same buffet style like we always have..
Whereby we got to serve ourselves..
In Carnivore, only the salad bar and some of cooKed food is self service..
Majority of the MEAT are served hot & fresh directly to us..

Went there to celebrate Sunny's 26th bdae..
Since we seldom meet up..so me & Anthony chose smwhr exciting..
And u noe MEN..they juz love meat..
Ask them eat vege they tink is weak..

So lanlan..
I got to sacrifice my beauty for meat & grow FAT!

I just luv their salad!!! So yummy~~~!
Many selections lo! These are the few~~~

Some of the meats~~
They serve mainly beef, pork, lamb, chix, fish, pineapple, garlic bread etc..

I luv their butterfish!!!

Damn nice lo..
Sweeet & juicy!!!!!!!!!!!
I had 3 for that..yum~~~!

Carnivore serves this creepy thing - Chicken heart!
So fear factor!!!
I tried one..

Yikes!Like eating chewing gum la..
Almost vomit..

Anthony also never eat b4..
But he was more brave than me..
He tried to stuff 5 one shot..


He phew out all..

Phew out nvm leh..
The thing is..

He still scoop and eat...
He said "I just want to mince it.." -_-
Damn gross la...

We all were totally DISGUSTED by it la!

Since it was to celebrate Sunny's bdae..
Being a sweet gurl..i bought him cupcake to celebrate..

Isnt it cute? ^_^

Sunny + cupcake..

Sunny Acting cute again + Tiramisu

Wondering why got 2 cakes?
The staffs from Carnivore are so sweeet...
Think they saw Sunny w his cupcake & noe was his bdae..
So they surprised him w a damn delicious tiramisu and "happy bdae song" in brazilian language!!!!

Really luv the place, the food & the service..
Dun mind to come again but feel damn full after that..
I practically can feel the "meat" taste on me..
Feel so sick of the meat smell & restless..
Can feel my waist damn pain lo..
i can sense my shit & fart for the next day will b super toxic la! (indeed.)

Anthony, Me, Adeline & Sunny

We should hangout more!
Wheeeez!!!We shall conquer Shanghai in Dec k!

Kura Princess ^_^

03 April 2008


51 Chander Rd Singapore 219548

Tel: 62924316

Gurkha palace is our favourite restaurant for my company..
We always go there to dine in for birthday dinner..
They serve Authetic Nepalnese food & the ambience there is relatively cosy..
The servers there are from Nepal themselves and they are really friendly =)

Just nice..
Syafiq's birthday was around the corner so he voted to come here n eat..
Eat till explode!

We ordered our usual stuff...

Our usual appetiser - Kukhura Pakora ($5.00)--> chix
Rating: 7/10
Comment: Dunno issit becoz I hungry or wat. But is really good. Saltiness is just right. Really appetisting! =) A MUST EAT thingie in there...

Curry Fish Head ($14.90)
Rating: 7.5/10
Comment: Power! The fish head damn FLESHY! I like the curry gravy!Damn yummy~~~(Got to Pre-order)

Gurkhali Lamb ($8.50)
Rating: 7.5/10
Comment: Dun have the Lamb Smelly Taste~~~The sauce spicy spicy one..very nice~~~!!!i like!

Aloo Kauli ($5.50) -- Cauliflower w potato
Rating: 6/10
Comment: Ok la. =)

Briyani Rice (mutton)
Rating: 3/10
Comment: So disappointed with it. Used to be fantastic lo...is like once start, dun wan stop..But dunno what happen..it tasted weird that day and mushy..not nice. =(

Me & Syafiq the birthday boy~~~
Both of us are the lamest in the office..
Wat to do..we youngest and crappiest..hahaha! ^_^

We are the "Rubbish bin" in the office too..
We always compete in eating..
See who eat more..^_^
Sometime i win..sometime he win..


(no foto of my colleagues. they dun like to tk pic.food more impt to them)

Kura Princess ^_^

02 April 2008

# KENJI WU KE QUN - 牵牵牵手

Really admire Wu Ke Qun..
I think he is very talented and write very good song..
I like quite a number of his songs especially the latest album..
I feel like buying but luckily I got Chin Chong to send me..

His lyrics is simple but I thought it is very meaningful for those slow song la..
Not those funny funny quirky song from him..hahaha!
And I like his MV too..

Was watching this MV..

I got abit emo after watching it..

Becoz I recalled many similar scenarios from the MV..
"He" also like Wu Ke Qun in the MV dun like hold hand & I always like the gurl, ask to hold hand..

I rem asking him..
"Will we still hold hand when we old?"
He replied,"Why not?"
And I said,"Doubt so..u dun even hold my hand now..old le will meh..?"

I rem asking him..
"Why u dun like to hold hand?"
And he replied,"Why u like to hold hand?"

Shouldnt have watch the MV..

Even he wants to hold my hand..
I might not give him mine too..

Kura Princess ^_^

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